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Current Classes

Sign up for our Pre-Recorded Fertility Yoga classes with accentuation on self love, meditation & chakra based flows. Message @oceansoulyoga on instagram or through the connect page! 

Connecting Soul to Soul with oceansoulyoga

Breathe In, Breathe Out

When goes differently than you thought it would, it's time to turn inwards & find healing within.

Virtual fertility yoga is for anyone experiencing a fertility journey, new or seasoned, & wants to go deeper into intricacies of the body to slow down, connect with the breath & open the pelvis & reproductive systems within the body. Gentle guidance through a combination of yoga nidra teaching & gentle yoga flows, we can dive deeper beyond the physical body into the emotional, breath, wisdom and bliss body's . 

Stephanie allows space for one to become intune with their body & what it needs to connect to the muladhara & svadhisthana (fertility organs & chakras). Connecting specifically with the heart & sacral chakra to feel, surrender, become conscious of & embrace the feminine body meeting you wherever you are.

5 Main Goals of Fertility Yoga:

        1. Reconnect with the body

        2. Increase blood supply and circulation

        3. Manage stress

        4. Support heart & womb connection

        5. Build a support network

Classes are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. One on one. Click the connect button above to message Stephanie to start your Fertility Yoga journey. 

New Group Class: date to be determined! Email or @oceansoulyoga on instagram with interest! 

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